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It's our final session of the conference. Whether you've attended the entire event or are joining us specifically for this closing session, don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights, reflect on your experiences, and leave with a renewed sense of ...
Beyond Coloniality: Examining the Black Experience(s) Through a Diasporic Lens 213
This panel elevates several experiences of black people engaging in decolonial praxis to improve the lives of those who are a part of the Diaspora. Sharony Green, University of Alabama Courtney P. Joseph, Lake Forest College Vincent Willis, University of ...
Pan-Africanism and the Preservation of African Heritage in Global Context 211
This panel explores the politics and practices of film and museum projects documenting and preserving African heritage in Africa and around the world. Henry John Drewal, University of Wisconsin-Madison Sheila S. Walker, Global African Diaspora Pashington ...
Resituating Knowledge Production in Africa: The Lagos Studies Association. 215
Addresses the potential and pitfalls of situating knowledge production about Africa in Lagos, for Lagosians.
Rethinking Home: Loss, Migration and Place in Postcolonial Nigeria. 217
This interdisciplinary panel offers three approaches to reconsidering West African narratives in the past and in the present, through the lens of gender.
Against (Neo)Colonialism: Black Consciousness, Pan-Africanism, and Diasporic Advocacy in Defense of Self-Determination 224
Dialectic between national liberation struggles and Euro-American policies and practices aimed at reinscribing Black/African domination. Jarvis Givens, Harvard University Ronald Williams II, UNC Chapel Hill Navid Farnia, Wayne State University
Freetown @230: Rethinking the Province of Freedom 210
This panel reflects on the foundation of Sierra Leone and its historical implications for West Africa and the Africa Diaspora 230 years later. Ismail Rashid, Vassar College Sylvia Macauley, California State University Northridge Nemata Blyden, University of ...
Repatriating African Artifacts 216
This panel reconsiders "repatriation" from the vantage point of art and artifacts that never left the continent. Leslie James, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) E. N. Mirembe, Researcher, Curator and Writer Merve Fejzula University of Missouri Yemisi ...
Towards a "Black Sense of Place"? Repatriation and the Politics of African Heritage 208
This panel explores African heritage through the archival and material histories of slavery and return in Liberia, Senegal, and Sierra Leone. Chrislyn Laurie Laurore, Ph.D. Candidate, UPenn Katleho Kano Shoro, Ph.D. Candidate, UPenn Hakimah Abdul-Fattah, ...